redbox+ of Charlotte now open & ready to serve your waste management needs!

redbox+ of Charlotte offers a new take on an old industry with redbox+, a patented portable restroom/roll-off combination container. Locally owned and operated, redbox+ of Charlotte is excited to service your next residential or commercial construction, demolition, remodeling, roofing, landscaping, window, siding, or fire/water cleanup project.

Here’s how redbox+ can help your business:

  • Keep your crew on site all day
  • Protect your reputation- build credibility and confidence with customers with a professional image, a clean worksite, and a competitive edge
  • Eliminate additional invoicing and paperwork
  • Toilets that never tip
  • Save time, money and headaches- One call, one company, one delivery, one pickup, one invoice…two services!
  • redbox+ will gladly service any last minute customer requests

Patrick & Andrea Kiessling, Owners

This is our promise
As members of the Charlotte community, we are excited to bring real value to our customers with the redbox+ portable restroom/roll-off combination container. Our success will depend on our customers’ success. Our long-term value will depend on our customers’ savings. Savings of time, savings of money, and savings of headaches. At redbox+ of Charlotte, we are committed to building lasting business relationships, providing superior service, and making our customers lives easier.

Here’s how redbox+ can help your businessredbox+ of Charlotte offers a new take on an old industry with redbox+

Setup in minutes

When the box is delivered, it is rolled off and ready FAST. The mobile fresh water and waste water tanks on the truck allow the redbox+ driver to set up or service the portable toilet. The redbox+ unit is ready in minutes and your crew has the crucial services they need on site.

On board pump system

The pump system allows the redbox+ driver easy entrance to both portable toilets. The redbox+ driver has the ability to service both toilets with a pump system that is on the truck, eliminating the need for more than one trip to your jobsite.

Ready for pickup

Roll-off is hooked and loaded.  When you have your roll off full and the job complete simply call your locally owned and operated redbox+ provider and they will come and get the unit.  With our patented vac and tank system the driver will service the portable toilet, hook the roll-off and you’re onto the next job.

Job complete

The roll-off is removed from the site. Waste is taken offsite for proper disposal.

Need service or have questions?